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Methods of Delivery

Methods of delivery:

Salve: Why A Salve? Salves are a method of providing therapeutic qualities in higher concentrated amounts that can be slowly absorbed by the skin. Our salves use organic olive oil infused with local plants, organic shea butter and organic bees wax.

Lotions: Why a lotion? Our lotions are infused with therapeutic plants and berries such as rose hips, chaga and salmon berry. A lotion is absorbed quicker as it is oil and water based. The therapeutic qualities are in a milder concentration to promote healthy, soft skin.

Bath Bombs: Bath Bombs provide absorption into your skin while soaking in the bath tub. The bombs are formulated with Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfide) which is needed for good health but many people are deficient of. A small amount of therapeutic infused oils unfurl within the bubbling fission of our bath bombs. The essential oils then envelop the senses to create a resting, invigorating or pain relieving bath experience depending upon the bath bomb that you are using. Each bomb is formulated for a specific purpose such as: taking away aches, Rest and relaxation, Lifting your spirits or reducing anxiety and enhancing calm.

Petite Maqi Bombs: Petite bombs were created to be used within the steam. People of the north often times bathe in a steam bath. Native Alaskans in our community refer to the steam as Maqi. Petite Bombs provide the same benefits as the bath bombs yet in a smaller quantity. They are a perfect size to place in a personal wash tub while steaming to soak your feet, hands, elbows. When finished soaking, the water can then be placed into a pan and placed upon the hot rocks to release the essential oils into the steam.

Oils: We carry a line of oils that are great for skin and hair! Massaging oil into the skin is a wonderful way to introduce therapeutic healing to your body. Nurturing and healing massage is truly life changing. Our oils are formulated with Organic oils infused with therapeutic plants, Organic or Food grade Grapeseed Oil and essential oils.