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Mini Plants ~ Mighty Benefits ~ Pure Ingredients

All TundraLove! products are made with love and only the finest ingredients available.  

We only utilize plants and products that are ethically harvested and sustainable.  Each of our products are made with with organic or food grade oils infused with local Alaskan Bristol Bay plants or berries that our elders have known for their medicinal and therapeutic properties. Plants and berries  infused into our products include: Wormwood/(Chythlook), Wild Chamomile/(Pineapple Weed), Yarrow, Plantain, Fireweed, CottonWood Blossom, Birch Bark, Wild Strawberry, Wild BlueBerry, CloudBerry/(SalmonBerry), Labrador, Dandelion, Wild Geranium, White Clover, Carrot, Wild Rose Hips, Birch Wood Chaga.

Elders worldwide, in every community have utilized plants for therapeutic and medicinal purposes. At Tundra Love, we strive to keep their knowledge alive by incorporating our local cherished plants into wholesome products for personal use. 

As well, we are invested in keeping up with the latest research to better understand what makes our Alaska plants so amazing.

Not ever tested on animals, but ourselves and our best friends who are happy to get free salve and face cream!

Here are a few pictures of our plants and products in process.