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International Shipping


Secure Online Shopping is the easiest and quickest way to place your order. We do not save credit card information in our system.


1. Credit Card : Can only be used via the shopping cart. We use the industry-standard SSL, Secure Sockets Layer to ensure that your online transaction and credit card information are safe. We do not save credit card information in our system.

Credit Cards Accepted

2. PayPal : Can be used via the shopping cart or e-mail orders.  If you do not have a PayPal account and would like more information-- please visit

3. Money Orders: Money orders must be drawn on U.S. banks or via American Express. Thank you for understanding that International Money Orders cannot be accepted.

4. Payment for LARGE International Orders

Orders less than $700: Credit Card or PayPal
Orders over $700.00: Wire Transfer Only
If you will be using a wire transfer, you will need to place your order via email. International wire transfers can take 3 to 4 business days to go through depending on the country of origin and the bank. Orders will be packed and shipped within 3 business days once we have received notification that the wire transfer has been completed.


1. How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders are usually shipped within 3 to 5 business days from receipt of payment. We ship using US Priority Mail International. The US Postal Service states that international packages will arrive in 6-10 business days. Most packages arrive within two weeks, but it sometimes takes much longer! Our post office often reminds us, once a package arrives in the destination country, they no longer have control of the package delivery. In some countries, like Italy, it can take longer than a month to receive your order.

2. How will I know my order has been shipped?

You will receive an email notification to let you know your package is on its way. The note will include a link to USPS tracking information. The USPS tracking number is really a Delivery Confirmation number that allows you to check the delivery status online. It does not track your package along the way like UPS or FedEx. There is very little, if any, information available for the Flat Rate Envelope option. The Flat Rate Box option provides more detail

3. What are my shipping options?
(The US Postal Service raised rates on May 31, 2015)

Shipping Option Destination Cost Order Amount*
Flat Rate Envelope Canada/Mexico $20.85 up to $80.00
Flat Rate Envelope All other countries $25.25 up to $80.00
Medium Flat Rate Box Canada/Mexico $43.50** between $80 and $250
Medium Flat Rate Box All other Countries $63.50** between $80 and $250
Large Flat Rate Box Canada/Mexico $57.50** between $250 and $350
Large Flat Rate Box All other Countries $82.50** between $250 and $350
* Order amounts are based on an estimate. Some orders within the correct order amount--may still not fit!
** See note about large orders below!

Flat Rate Envelope A 30 cm x 23 cm flat envelope that can hold soap, and smaller flat items. Please double check the items you have chosen. Read more about what will fit in the flat rate envelope. The Flat Rate Envelope is the most economical method of international shipping. But please be aware--there is NO insurance available and the USPS provides very little, if any, tracking information. We ship most of our international orders using the Flat Rate Envelope and we have had very few problems, but please understand that we CANNOT replace lost or damaged packages.
Flat Rate Boxes The price shown includes insurance and the US Postal Service does provide some tracking information. Orders shipped in Flat Rate Boxes are insured for the full value of order. (Please see duties and taxes below) 
**A note about LARGE International Orders. If your order does not fit in the box chosen during checkout we cannot absorb the cost of added international shipping. We will email you to either decrease your order or add extra shipping cost. (Please see note about Taxes, Duties and Customs below.)


Although we check and double check orders prior to shipping, mistakes do happen. Please let us know & we will refund the item or mail it separately. 


International shipping quotes do not include any duties, taxes or other charges that may be applied by your country's
government. Any duties and taxes for international shipments are at the cost of the customer. Since orders shipped in Flat Rate Boxes are insured for the full value of order, it may be cheaper to ship in multiple flat rate envelopes due to taxes on large orders.

Every country seems to have different rules and regulations when receiving international packages. We follow the general guidelines set by the US Postal Service for international shipping that are not specific for any given country.

Customs regulations are often different for small packages versus large packages. Please be sure that you are aware of any specific customs regulations for your country. We will do everything we can to help you receive your package, but we cannot be responsible for packages that are detained in customs.