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Infused with Alaska's Therapeutic Plants and Berries!

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Mini Plants, Mighty Benefits, Pure Ingredients!

Bristol Bay Therapeutic Salves

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Infused with TundraPOWER Berries!

Bristol Bay Face Cream

Plants with Purpose! *Free Shipping for Orders over $75.00 (Code:FreeShip) →

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Our passion is to improve the lives of others by bringing the therapeutic benefits of Alaska's plants into their home.  
Each TundraLove! product is infused with therapeutic properties from Alaskan plants in Bristol Bay, wild harvested, hand crafted, utilizing only the finest body loving ingredients.
As well, infused with knowledge from local elders in Alaska and our family who have passed on their herbal wisdom from generation to generation. 
After all, our skin is our largest organ absorbing 60% of what is put on it. We strive to ensure that every product put on your skin is healthy and loving, never full of chemicals.  
Alaskan plants are small and mighty!  Each leaf, bud, tree bark or berry is packed with amazing skin loving and traditional healing properties.  
Please check out our Research Page to learn more about the health benefits of our amazing trees, plants and berries.
Giving back: 10% of our net proceeds support various non-profits in the Bristol Bay Region of Alaska.  
Most of all, "Thank You!" for sharing our products with others.  
Your trust in TundraLove! is truly the biggest and best compliment!  
We make no claims of a medical nature.  
Please see your doctor to determine the salve that is right for you.  
If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your physician before using essential oils
or plant infused products.