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Use, Packaging and Storage aka Rules of the Tundra!

Our products are meant to be used right away.  Like food :)  Each is organic and full of essential oils and plant oils which are as  unique as the plant leaf that was harvested. 

Depending upon our supply, labels may not be water proof.  We apologize for the inconvenience and are trying our best, as a small start up, to ensure appropriate resources on hand...which can sometimes be difficult in rural Alaska as we can't just go to the store : )  

Enjoy Life!

Bath Bombs:  It is important to keep your bath bombs dry.  Store in a dry basket with a lid or a mason jar with fabric or a paper towel for the lid.  Essential Oils will dissipate over time. Use within 3 months of purchase.  Keep the varieties of bath bombs separated, or Pick Me  UP may soon smell like Aches away :) 

Fill your tub with very warm water, place the bomb into the bath. Enjoy the show and relax in the wonderful oils and aroma. 

Petite Bombs: Place your small bomb into a personal wash pan while in the steam. Soak feet, hands, wash with the water.  Place the used water in a pan on the hot rocks to release the essential oils.  

Salves:  Keep salves in a dark container in a cool place.  Keep your salve clean, use a toothpick or utensil to remove the salve, not your finger.  Once opened your salve can last for up to a year.  

Use a small amount of salve, massage into the area of your body that is sore or in need of attention.  Before you go to bed, place a small amount of salve on the soles of your feet to absorb during the night.  Use sparingly as plants can be potent.  

Have Fun! 

Soap: Organic Oil soaps can become soft if not drained appropriately.  Use a soap dish that allows you amazing soap to dry between use.  

Face Creams:  Keep your jar clean, use a clean utensil, not your finger to obtain your face cream.  If treated respectfully 2 oz. of TundraLove! face cream can last for 3-6 months. Use  Keep Cool, under 78 degrees to maintain consistency. If you cream melts, it will still be effective, it will just look different.  If your face cream is overheated and separates, place it in the refrigerator and re-blend by stirring with a clean fork when chilled.  Please use within 3-6 months of purchase.  

A small amount goes a long way!  Use a pea size amount and  blend with pure water in the palm of your hand, massage into your face and neck. For extra moisturizing, do not dilute.  

Organic unrefined Shea butter may have small crystals. These crystals melt beautifully into your skin.  Never fear, the quality remains the same weather the face cream is silky or silky with shea crystals.  Each product is handcrafted and unique to the environmental conditions at the time.  We do not over process or over refine products to ensure the possess the same texture in each batch. While we maintain the same process and recipes, we let mother nature dictate the plant butter and oil consistencies.  

Love Thy Neighbor! & Buy them Gifts! 

Tundra Butter: Keep Cool, Tundra Butter will melt at 78 degrees.  While the consistency will change, your butter is still very good for you.  If your product does melt in shipping (we cannot guarantee products can remain cool in a hot mail box) you may refrigerate the product and use, or re-whip it if you would like.  The melted TundraButter is still great for your skin, and full of yummy goodness.  Keep your product  clean, use a clean utensil, not your finger to scoop out your Tundra Butter. If treated respectfully 4 oz. of TundraLove! Tundra Butter can last for 3-6 months deeding upon use.  

 Eat Well, Sleep Well and Keep your Body Clean, Love!