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Bristol Bay Therapeutic Salves

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Bristol Bay Therapeutic Salves are infused with plants known for traditional and holistic healing.  Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic &  anti-fungal Wild harvested Alaskan plants are formulated into "salvey" goodness. Salves provide a concentrated way to introduce medicinal properties of plants to and through the skin. Generations of traditional users have utilized our local plants to reduce swelling and pain, great for helping sore muscles and arthritis.  
Our formulas are nourishing to assist in preventing dry, split skin. Wild harvested, solar or heat infused and hand crafted in small batches with the greatest of care to ensure you receive an amazing product.   One additional formula is in the works to help with Pre Menstrual relief.   Use: Massage into the skin, on sore muscles or where you have aches or pains.  For maximum absorption massage into the bottoms of your feet prior to bed.  For Anti-fungal, massage into infected area.   Disclaimer:  Our salves are not intended to prescribe. We do not make claims of healing.  If you are ill, please see a physician.